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She threw away her masks and put on her soul

welcome…to SorayaYoga

Yoga classes, Workshops & Retreats in Berkhamsted and Ashridge Forest

Yoga is an inspirational journey, an embodied practice and a way of life, helping you to reveal your unique potential and connecting with who you really are beneath the masks and labels we place on ourselves. Would you like more awareness of the habitual patterns that block you? what keeps you stuck causing tension and stress? Begin to live in your body not just in your mind.

The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots, we're already tied in knots. The aim is to untie the knots in our hearts. The aim is to unite with the ultimate loving and peaceful power in the universe - Erich Schiffmann

My classes are friendly, nurturing and fun, open to everyone regardless of age, sex, shape, flexibility or where you are on your personal journey.

Physiological instruction, insightful readings/poetry and a healthy dose of humour are offered in harmony with expert tuition in all aspects yoga. Teachings are based on a profoundly rich heritage of the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra and meditation.

Classes are extremely varied, depending on the specific needs of students and themes such as the cycles of nature or the elements. Some will incorporate flow sequences using the rhythm of your breath and interconnecting postures (the “asanas”)  Others will focus strongly on the correct alignment within specific postures, this cultivates strength and stamina and helps the body and mind expand to unlock deeply rooted stress and tension. Read more about the different classes here.

I look forward to connecting with you....Soraya



Yin yoga


YES!!! classes are back

REVEAL....retreats 2019

Latest News & Articles

weekend yoga retreats oxfordshire

Winter Nurture your Soul Retreat 31st Jan-2nd Feb 2020

There are things that we would love to experience. Then rather than thinking how we could make it happen we more commonly look at all the obstacles in the way of it happening!! Have a look at some of the stunning yoga retreats for next year and remove the obstacles. There are weekends as well as a whole week.


Orange and Honey Polenta Cake

Orange and Honey polenta cake I think this is the absolute favourite out of all the restorative cakes with students. It's a  gorgeous moist cardamom and orange-scented cake with a ...
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Transitions embracing change

Transitions Transitions from one cycle to the next, the Summer changing into Autumn. How do you embrace change? how much do you accept and stay fluid or how much do you fight against it? I struggle moving from the ...
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Summer Practice

  I have a little one line reading from Albert Corius, that says “in the depths of winter, I finally learnt there was in me an invincible Summer”  what does ...
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How meditation can help you sleep

Do you suffer from a disturbed nights sleep? It's common to sometimes have a restless night, if you're excited, stressed, over tired (does it for me), hormone fluctuations etc. But ...
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Date & Almond Cake

This Date & Almond cake is ridiculously easy, I love creative, healthy baking but I'm not overly keen on recipes that have a whole lot of faffing. This is my ...
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Venetian Carrot Cake

Venetian carrot cake (gluten free) I was looking for a gluten free carrot cake and found this Nigella Lawson  recipe, which sounded intriguing as she says it comes from Venetian ...
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Why Yin Yoga?

My musings on the rising popularity of Yin Yoga Living in today's world, in a western culture is becoming more and more crazy. Although we should, theoretically have more free ...
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New Year’s Resolutions

Wishing you all a happy, abundant and adventurous 2018.     For me setting a specific New Years'resolution has never really worked as it either involves a sense of giving ...
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Iron rich Parkin cake

My Sunday restorative yoga class this month, fell on Bonfire night, so I decided to try and make a healthy, gluten free version of Parkin cake. I discovered a jar ...
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Turmeric Tea Recipe

Turmeric tea is my go to drink throughout the year, ESPECIALLY during Autumn, Winter and early Spring when everyone around you starts coming down with colds. I've been drinking it ...
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kirtan in the forestFriday's 7:30pm-9pm

Friday nights will never be the same again!! joy filled, magical connection through voice and heart. You don't need to be able to sing or have a flexible body, just a willingness to absorb the experience. This Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion and love. Psychology Today says Kirtan: the easy meditation that can improve your brain, read the full article here.  if you are curious, come and try!! 

Book here

what previous students have said:

"it was so perfect, I have been literally smiling all day!"

"you create a lovely welcoming environment...after arriving quite lethargic, I left feeling very happy and energised"

"it gave me a sense of joy and I loved the sounds we and the drums made"

"ooo what fun, I feel liberated"

Saturday's 1:30pm-3pm

Soundbath's are like receiving a massage through sound, an oasis of sound. You are immersed in vibrations from tibetan singing bowl, gong, rainstick, shamanic drum. Which invites you into a deep, therapeutic relaxation. Read this article on mindbodygreen about how sound healing can boost our health.

relax and renew restorative yoga

Sunday's 2-4pm

Join the Restorative yoga tribe in this practice of being rather than doing. Relax and restore as the body is held by props (bolsters, blocks etc), allowing a gentle releasing of not only muscular tension but all those to do lists!! deep bliss ensues. Session finishes with tea & homemade gluten/sugar free cake. Leave feeling deeply relaxed yet energised.

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