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Yoga is an inspirational journey, a practice that helps you re-connect to your body (embodiment) and to slow the continuous loops of thoughts that plague us. By connecting with who you really are beneath the identities and labels we place on ourselves, we can begin to transform not only our physical selves but also our outlook on the world.

  • Would you like more awareness of your habitual patterns?
  • Discover what keeps you stuck causing tension and stress?
  • Begin to live in your body not just in your mind?

The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots, we're already tied in knots. The aim is to untie the knots in our hearts. The aim is to unite with the ultimate loving and peaceful power in the universe - Erich Schiffmann

My classes are friendly and nurturing, with the practice centered around you and your body, rather than fitting you into the yoga postures. I weave together seasonal wisdom with physiological instruction, poetry and philosophy with a dash of humour. I share my 30yrs of practice and 14yrs of teaching in a profoundly rich heritage of the lineage of hatha tantra yoga and meditation.

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I am so VERY grateful to Soraya for all that she has offered me personally and for my staff and children at my school. For anyone who has never tried or is even slightly tempted in trying yoga I can’t recommend Soraya highly enough . 

4 years ago I was that person, now my two yoga sessions a week can’t come quick enough for me and really are a highlight of my week , as they are an enjoyable and restorative way to end the day and so support my mental health and well-being. Her sessions are so much more than just yoga , interweaving mindfulness and thought provoking reflections and poetry that personally connect with you. 

I have so much to personally thank Soraya for and have every confidence that her sessions will resonate with you too .

Suzanne Stace

Head Teacher all sincerity, you are the reason for my positivity and perseverance. I was not in a good place before I did my first class with you, you really have changed my whole attitude towards life generally and not just yoga

Alison Bateman

The classes are very focussed and fun each week.  Soraya teaches in a very relaxed way but always pushes me to stretch myself to my fullest potential, which ensures genuine improvement in my flexibility.  As well as the physical work, the classes combine an element of mind work which compliments the class really well and always leaves me with a calm inner feeling.Mark 

Mark Woodbridge

There aren't many yoga teachers who possess the ability and skills to teach on both a physical and spiritual/personal level and make you feel safe enough to embark on this...Soraya is all of these.


I feel in a completely different place in my life. I have never experienced such peace within my body. I can't say enough about Soraya and the yoga


Weibke Bird

Soraya's approach is brilliant . She is the first yoga first teacher who has really taught me how to align and be fully aware of my body. Her wholistic approach and gentle guidance has also helped me further along my spiritual journey   towards mindful embodiment. 


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