Saturday 29th February

10:30am - 3:30pm

£80 including lunch

A Journey through Menopause, a day retreat with yoga and nutrition

Do you feel like you've woken up in a strange body? with strange aches & pains, insomnia, hot flushes, cold flushes, forgetfulness, clumsiness, anxiety, weight may be embarking on the journey of the menopause.

Join myself & Kate ( for a nourishing, nurturing day with Restorative yoga (no prior experience needed) Guided Relaxations and a delicious homemade lunch, especially designed to balance your hormones.


In addition we will give you a takeaway that provides a toolkit through yoga and other practices, nutrition, wise woman knowledge and lifestyle management to help you navigate your unique menopause holistically.


Doesn’t matter where you are in your cycle...curios but not there the beginnings of...deep in throes of... not sure as head is too befuddled 😉 this a day of coming together as women; to share our stories, knowledge and support one another. Soraya will offer specific yoga sequences and practices designed to help you journey through this time with growing awareness and kindness to your body and Kate will offer nutritional and lifestyle advice so that you can begin to take control again.

Rather than feeling at the mercy of our bodies during this period, we can take this time to "pause", take stock of ourselves, how we live our lives, to re-evaluate our lives. In our society there is deeply engrained prejudice against menopausal women, so we try to hide what is happening to us. But when viewed in a positive rather than negative way, the menopause give us immense power for change. You are the only person in charge of your life, don't run away from it, run towards it.

There will be a delicious, nutritional lunch put together specifically to help menopausal symptoms, Kate will then share her knowledge of how to balance your hormones through the food you eat, you will gain a greater understanding of the changes your body is going through and the reasons for the symptoms you might be experiencing. We will look at which foods can support you through this stage of your life and which foods are best avoided as they could make your symptoms worse.

You will go away with a toolkit of ideas for a variety of foods you can easily incorporate into your daily life, yoga sequences specific to supporting your body during menopause and most importantly an empowering view on this amazing time of your life as a woman.


We only have 12 places on this day of discovery, so book now!! 


"We say flowers blossom in the spring, and certainly that is true, but also sometimes in the autumn there are flowers blooming. It was like that for me. I could feel myself re-awakening."

Vanda Scaravelli


From previous participants......

"I attended the Journey through Menopause workshop yesterday. This was my first official attempt at yoga and Soraya was so supportive of my attempts to position myself - I shall definitely try at home to practice the restorative and sleep sequences. I made notes during the day so have lots of tips to prompt me. I only knew 1 other in the group but I felt enabled to share my thoughts, concerns and emerging optimism openly. Together with Susie's nutritional guidance, recipes & ideas I now feel ready to make some positive changes in my habits to give my body more of what it needs to support me on my journey, thank you both for a fresh start, a lovely day of me time"  Jane


"Thank you so much for this well organised and interesting workshop, I enjoyed it and liked the concept to share information." Nathalie


"Thank you for the lovely wk/shop on Sunday. I have had a better week for it, slept better using the sleep sequence. I've also started taking some of the supplements suggested. No migraines this week- yeh" Angela