Up coming weekend yoga workshops for Spring 2020,  held around the Berkhamsted/Tring Area. Come and explore different aspects of yoga other than general asana class.

  • Connect through Kirtan, a meditation practice that uses the voice to bring you out of the mind space. It increases energy and can make you feel so joyful and content.
  • Learn how Vibrational Sound (sound bath) can take you into a deeply relaxed state and even start to shift internal blocks.
  • Or try Restorative Yoga that helps you release being in your Sympathetic Nervous System (flight and fight), think stressed out, spinning too many plates. Be in your Parasympathetic Nervous System (our resting state, that we should reside in most of the time).
  • Connect with other like minded students on themed yoga workshops days

I Look forward to meeting you....

Sunday Restorative Yoga
Kirtan in the Forest
Sound Sanctuary