Embodiment Hatha Yoga

These dynamic classes use seasonal wisdom or inspirational text as a creative basis for class themes. Each class is different, sometimes we flow from one posture to the next creating a connection with our breath, whilst cultivating strength and stamina. Sometimes we spend time in a posture exploring correct alignment, this cultivates deeper awareness and flexibility leading to a deeper connection to our  body, mind and spirit. Always the emphasis is on being in your body and connecting with your body. The atmoshere is warm, lighthearted and encouraging where we work together from a place of curiosity.

The classes are suitable for ALL, as all postures can be adapted to fit where you and your body are at the moment. Santosha (contentment), be happy where you are.

The classes are for no more than 6 students, we journey a little deeper than the larger studio classes and because you have to commit to a term, a wonderfully supportive group is formed. Many friendships are formed in these small classes. The classes can be tailored to your own needs and capabilities, thus offering more of a bespoke experience allowing you to advance much quicker and by being a small group it will ensure lots of individual attention and hands on assists. You gain many of the benefits of individual tuition but with the added bonus of shared cost.


Candlelit Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra

This style is open to all, there are no levels (beginner's - intermediate). In this nurturing space, dive deep into this delicious practice where the emphasis is on long held passive stretches of the connective tissue, aided by the use of props. This allows a deep release through fascia and strengthens joints and ligaments. By staying, we enable stillness in our physical body that invites us to create a space  to observe;  the breath, the fluctuations of the mind, (mindfulness) and arising emotions. This can help lead us to a state of immense calm as we realise we are not our body, breath, thoughts or emotions. The class finishes with Yoga Nidra (a deep, guided relaxation - yogic sleep with a trace of awareness)  A wonderful way to end your week!

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

The focus of Trauma Sensitive Yoga is on giving participants a safe way to experience their body and to explore choice making based on the felt sense of their body. Working in a space using invitational language in a shared authentic practice that is non-coersive. The practice helps to rebuild and strengthen relationship to self and others that is authentic and safe. For more detailed description click here

Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga

The style I teach comes from Judith Hanson Lastater, it is a deeply nurturing 2hr practice that allows the body to relax in different floor based shapes, whilst being held by props, blankets, bolsters etc. The senses are drawn inward aided by an eye pillow and the pace and tranquility of our forest studio.  This helps to allow the mind to become calm as it focusses it's attention on the breath. As we move from our active stress nervous system (sympathetic), to our resting nervous system (parasympathetic), the organs of the body are soothed and stimulated, the spine moved in all its variations; forward, backwards, twisting, extending.  This  aids in the reduction of stress and balances the energy so that you feel neither depleted or over stimulated.

Allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished.


Teen Yoga

For 12yrs-18yrs.

Dynamic  yoga, sometimes flowing, sometime working at a slower pace, sometimes with a partner. This class helps you to learn about yourself,: Body, Mind and Spirit. Your  body will gain more flexibility, strength and stamina. Your  mind will learn how your body works, any imbalances you have and how to change them. You will also learn techniques in how to control your mind and turn off the endless chatter and negative speak that can lead to feelings of anxiety. Your spirit will become expanded and peaceful.

Through the class, we explore how to deal with issues such as exam stress, self esteem issues, anxiety ..... This class is a fun informative way to explore yoga, the breath and meditation, giving you tools that will last a lifetime and a greater knowledge of yourself. But most importantly it gives you the chance to have 60 minutes of time just for you.


Sound Healing/Sound Baths

Sound healing and sound baths are offered as either a 90 min workshop or as 1:1 session for specific health issues. A deep, therapeutic relaxation as you are immersed in vibrational sounds ranging from Tibetan Singing Bowl , Chinese Wind Gong, Rainstick, Shamanic Drum and Sansula. You are carried on waves of sound that take you to a place of inner peace and tranquility. The vibrations of the instruments have a profound effect on the molecules of the body, its like having an inner massage with sound.