All Yoga classes are 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated

Monday, starting 10th January 2022 FULL

9:30am  Embodied Hatha, mixed ability

Ashridge Yoga Studio & Zoom

£150 termly   M


7pm - 8:30pm  Back to Basics, beginner's and a bit rusty returner's FULL

Ashridge Yoga Studio

£150  termly




7pm - 8:30pm   Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra, starts 11th January 2022

Berkhamsted Town Hall

£120  termly / £15 drop in


Wednesday, starting 12th January 2022

11am - 12:30pm 8 Week Beginner's Course

Ashridge Yoga Studio


7pm - 8:30pm  Dynamic  Yoga

Ashridge Yoga Studio

£150 termly


Thursday, starting 13th January 2022  FULL

9:30am  Alignment based Hatha, mixed ability

Ashidge Yoga Studio

£150 termly


Friday, starting 14th January 2022

9:30am  Alignment Hatha, mixed ability

Ashridge Yoga Studio

£150 termly / £8 per class via zoom


Weekend Workshops (monthly), starting 29th January 2022


Kirtan in the Forest 7:30-9pm, a joining together through voice that brings about a joyful, meditative state. Followed with Chai and chat

Ashridge Yoga Studio




11am - 1:30pm Sound Sanctuary, an immersion  of vibrational sound in a Sound bath

Ashridge Yoga Studio




2pm – 4pm Monthly Restorative Yoga

Deeply relaxing yoga, that helps to calm the nervous system, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity, finished with tea and homemade cake.

Ashridge Yoga Studio


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Words of Wisdom

Nancy Gerstein

Your Yoga begins when you leave the classroom.
It’s how you relate to people and how you relate to the world.
Your Yoga is the giving and receiving.
It’s the wellness between inner and outer worlds.
Your Yoga is living the purpose of your life.
Your Yoga is to spread peace, one person at a time.”
The light and love in me
bows to light and love in you.”


I have found that whether it is in her lovely yoga studio or on zoom, Soraya manages to make the classes individually tailored. Whilst the classes are always welcoming and fun they are also very focused on getting the best out of each individual.  Soraya has the ability to make you believe you will one day be able to move your body in the required position whilst making you feel that where you are now is where you should be and that it is good enough.  Her belief in the importance of balancing the striving for perfection with reality enables you to grow in your yoga journey without worrying about where you should be but focusing on being the best you can where you are. The way in which Soraya teachers yoga including the readings that she chooses to share with us have helped me learn more about myself and to understand why I may be “stuck” in certain patterns and how I can use yoga to overcome such patterns.   There is always a positive friendly energy to the classes whether they are at the studio or on zoom. 

Zoe Cadman

Yoga is definitely an integral part of my life....your major and special contribution to an overall body and mind yoga experience makes you unique and which no one can replicate, in my view.  Looking forward to seeing you again and absorbing the unique Soraya experience.

Elaine Langdon

Soraya has been my yoga teacher for 9 years since I moved to Berkhamsted in 2012. Her teaching has helped me so much. I value how much attention she gives to every posture and her ability to recognise each person's uniqueness and strength. I feel completely safe with her and  trust her knowledge and guidance.I leave her classes each week feeling stronger in my mind, spirit and body. Her classes are friendly and inclusive. I feel fully supported.  Thank you so much Soraya

Diane Mix

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