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Yin Yoga with Candleit Yoga Nidra

Yoga of being rather than doing

yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep and has many profound benefits (Click on link above for a full description)

Unlike normal sleep where we lose consciousness, we enter into a profound state of yoga, where the body sleeps, the minds rests but consciousness stays alert. By placing our body into a comfortable position, being warm and listening to the guidance of my voice you are led on a journey to access your deepest brainwave patterns. This doesn't require any effort on your part, in fact the less you can do, the deeper the practice. BUT it does require you to stay awake! so although the yogic texts say this profound practice is a similar path to that of meditation....it's not as easy as it sounds. The good news is that the more you practice, the easier it becomes to surf the edge of consciousness.

This unique practice can be a stand alone and is also an amazing addition the our yin practice. We usually finish with a 20-30minute nidra

Yin yoga berkhamsted

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga Berkhamsted, is one of my most popular classes. This style is open to all, there are no levels (beginner's - intermediate). In this nurturing, safe space dive deep into this delicious practice where the emphasis is on long held passive stretches of the connective tissue, aided by the use of props (blankets, blocks, bolsters or whatever you have to hand.

The long holds allow a deep release through fascia (check out what it is)  and strengthens joints and ligaments. By staying, we enable stillness in our physical body that invites us to create a space  to observe;  the breath, the fluctuations of the mind, (mindfulness) and arising emotions. This can help lead us to a state of immense calm as we realise we are not our body, breath, thoughts or emotions. We become a human being not a human doing!

Throughout the class I offer guidance of variations of the poses to help facilitate a place where you can be without strain. During a class, you are invited to allow your body time to reach it's edge in each shape, without pushing or straining. I sprinkle poetry, readings and insights through the yin class...guiding you to contemplations of your self.

So, create a nurturing space for yourself; candles, soft lighting, flowers, essential oils, light the log burner if you have one.......and just be

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yin yoga

Mindfulness in Yin Yoga

Mindfulness is part of our Yin yoga practice. As you can stay for up to 5mins in a pose, this is a wonderful way of stepping into the witness state and observe.

A well known mindfulness teacher Tara Brach says:

"Mindfulness is a way of paying attention moment-to-moment to what's happening within and around us without judgment. So, said differently, when we attend to the moment-to-moment flow of experience, and recognise what's happening…fully allowing it, not adding judgment or commentary, then we are cultivating a mindful awareness." Read the full article


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