TEEN YOGA BERKHAMSTED, TOWN HALL, Tuesday's 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Starting back 22nd September - 15th December 2020

Teen Classes are going to be running but with reduced capacity. If you'd like to try or join the class, you would be very welcome, email for further details.

Teen Yoga Berkhamsted is a wonderful way to explore how yoga can help to navigate the way through the teen years giving valuable tools that will be useful throughout life, many of my students start yoga as a DofE activity and stay until they leave for Uni, sometimes dropping into my adult classes in the hols when they return.  In Teen Yoga we explore how the body works, giving it strength and flexibility through working with asana, great fun is had working with partners and in group practices in a flowing style with funky yoga music.


Breathing techniques are taught that can help reduce anxiety especially around exam time and Meditation and relaxation are shown as a way of calming the mind and reducing stress.


The teen yoga classes are very popular, with students signing up term after term as it gives them a place just to be themselves and learn how to be comfortable with themselves. Can also be used as a DofE activity.  

Town Hall, High St,  Berkhamsted HP4 3AP