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Sunday Restorative Yoga Hertfordhsire

The yoga of being rather than doing, followed by homemade cake & tea

restorative yoga

Our lives today seem to get faster and faster, with never ending to do lists, causing us to exist in our sympathetic nervous system, without even realising it. This is the flight or flight response, that should only be tapped into occassionally. Like most animals, we should exist in our resting state, being alert but relaxed. This nourishing  two hour restorative yoga-workshop helps balance and replenish your energy and relieve the symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue. It is open to the complete beginner through to the seasoned practitioner.

sunday restorative yoga

What is Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice of being rather than doing. In this class there is an emphasis on rest and deep relaxation, whilst the body is held by props (bolsters, blankets, blocks). This enables you to come out of the stress state (sympathetic nervous system) and enter a place of calmness (parasympathetic nervous system)

Restorative yoga is known for not only for allowing the body to settle into a relaxed state,  but also helps to guide the mind into a state of stillness. By holding the postures for longer in a supported way the body is also strengthened and flexibility increased in a safe way. A restorative sequence moves the spine in all directions and includes; twists, forward bends, backbends and inversions. You will come away feeling deeply relaxed yet energised. These effects can last for a day or so. 



Self Care is not an indulgence

Sunday restorative yoga meets once a month on a Sunday from 2pm-4pm in my yoga studio in the forest. The environment is the ideal place to completely relax, it starts as you walk through the forest. All equipment is provided and at the end of the session, there is no need to rush off, you can gradually re adjust whilst drinking herbal tea and trying the homemade gluten free, vegan cakes I offer. Then take a slow walk back through the forest savouring the delights of feeling calm, relaxed with a still mind. The effects have been likened to being on holiday!!

Dates for Autumn 2021

Sunday 19th September 2pm - 4pm

Sunday 17th October 2-4pm

Sunday 14th November 2-4pm

Sunday 5th December 2-4pm


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