yoga home practice


I have a little one line reading from Albert Corius, that says “in the depths of winter, I finally learnt there was in me an invincible Summer”  what does Summer mean to you?

I am much more at ease with less structure to my days, I buck against the routine of being in the same place at the same time each week. But routine gives an opportunity to test your discipline, to show up even when you would rather be somewhere else, to show up when you’re exhausted and would rather have a duvet day, to show up when you’re emotionally vulnerable. Then we get to test our metal and invariably find we are so much stronger (on all levels)  than we think

Committing to a yoga home practice tests us too  there are times when you will LOVE rolling out your mat and spending time with yourself, but equally there will be times when the minds says you have too much to do, that’s it’s self indulgent, that your too tired..too sad…too stressed  . By showing up and committing to practice, even if you only sit or do one downward dog, you are taking control of your mind and building an invincible Summer , that sense of bright vitality, calm almost languidness, endless daylight….this is all within you – always, even in the depths of Winter!


Yin Yoga home practice