Sound Sanctuary

Soundbath; immersion in Vibrational Sound

Experience the healing vibrations of singing bowl, gong, drum, rainstick, sansula....

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This unique sound sanctuary sound bath  is suitable for everyone. It invites you into a deep, therapeutic relaxation as you are immersed in the vibrations of sounds ranging from Tibetan Singing Bowl, Rainstick, Sansula, Shamanic Drum and Chinese Wind Gong. You will be carried on waves of sounds that take you to a place of  inner peace and tranquility. Its like having a gentle massage but with sound!

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What is a Soundbath

Imagine being cocooned in soothing, vibrational sound. Ripples of concentric circular waves washing over and through you, like a pebble dropped into a still pond.  Our bodies are made of 70% water, we are a container of dancing molecules, our bones are ideal conductors for the singing bowl, gong and drum's vibrational energy.  This 'sound bath' is open to all, regardless of age, flexibility, ability, all that is needed is an open mind. Some find it a deeply healing, transformative experience, for others it helps to de stress and bring a state of rejuvenation and more energy, countering the effects of the fast past digital world we live in.

Sound healing, like restorative yoga, taps into your parasympathetic nervous system and has the ability to help; lower blood pressure, reduce cardiac disease, improve immunity, reduce cortisol and other stress hormones and lift your mood. 


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What happens?

We start in a brief seated meditation, hearing sounds around us, outside of us. Then beginning to draw inwards, chanting om together, both connection outside of us and inside of us. You will then lie down, your body held by bolsters and blankets. Eyes closes under the gentle weight of a lavender eyebag and begin to bring awareness inside your body (your home) to start your individual journey, hearing your own breath & heartbeat.

  • The Singing Bowl is placed on your solar plexus and/or heart, allowing the you to become completely immersed in the inner world.
  • Vocal Toning around the heart or crown (research suggests that toning has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins in the brain)
  • Chinese wind gong; feeling the sound within, like the expansiveness of the universe.
  • Shamanic drum as a connection to the heartbeat, bringing the you slowly back within the boundaries of their body.
  • Rainstick as a connection to your body being part of nature (a gradual lightening of sound)
  • Sansula around the head as a light almost ethereal sound, like a lullaby.
  • A short guided meditation
  • The session will finish with some simple practices  as a means of connection  back into the world and with each other. Tapping and shaking (and raw chocolate!!) to “re-ground” you.


Dates for 2021 coming soon....

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