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Yoga classes in Berkhamsted and Idyllic woodland studio near Tring

Join me in my beautiful woodland yoga studio, hidden in the forest or at the Town Hall, Berkhamsted. I offer Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Teen yoga as weekly classes and weekend workshops in  Restorative Yoga, Kirtan and Soundbath's.

Yoga is an inspirational journey, an embodied practice and a way of life, helping you to reveal your unique potential and connecting with who you really are beneath the masks and labels we place on ourselves. Would you like more awareness of the habitual patterns that block you? what keeps you stuck causing tension and stress? Begin to live in your body not just in your mind.

The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots, we're already tied in knots. The aim is to untie the knots in our hearts. The aim is to unite with the ultimate loving and peaceful power in the universe - Erich Schiffmann

My classes are friendly, nurturing and fun, open to everyone regardless of age, sex, shape, flexibility or where you are on your personal journey.

Physiological instruction, insightful readings/poetry and a healthy dose of humour are offered in harmony with expert tuition in all aspects yoga. Teachings are based on a profoundly rich heritage of the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra and meditation.

Classes are extremely varied, depending on the specific needs of students and themes such as the cycles of nature or the elements. Some will incorporate flow sequences using the rhythm of your breath and interconnecting postures (the “asanas”)  Others will focus strongly on the correct alignment within specific postures, this cultivates strength and stamina and helps the body and mind expand to unlock deeply rooted stress and tension. Read more about the different classes here.

I look forward to connecting with you....Soraya

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YES!!! classes are back

REVEAL....retreats 2020

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Super Special Offer

weekend yoga retreats oxfordshire

weekend winter retreat, Oxfordshire 31st January-2nd February 2020

Last 2 places...Pay £430 for 2 people  (usually £400 each)

Single room, full board, 2 yoga classes per day, workshop on essential oils, walking in countryside, log fire, nourishing and restoring YOU.






Weekend Workshops

sound bath in the forest

Friday Kirtan, The yoga of heart and voice as we chant mantra's together with live drums and harmonium. This is a practice of meditation through sound that leaves you feeling, energised, calm and filled with a loving vibe.

Sunday Restorative Yoga, a 2hr deeply nourishing practice...this is the yoga of non-doing, where you are invited to restore and re-set.

Facing the Menopause? whether you are beginning the journey, are in the throes of it, or are post menopausal but still struggling with symptoms. Join me and Kate Keeler Nutrition for a half day retreat, learning how yoga, nutrition and re-framing how you view your menopause can help you navigate this time.

Saturday Sound Bath's, an amazing meditative experience where you are cocooned in vibrational sounds. This leaves you feeling calm, tranquil and brings clarity to the mind.

Classes for 2020

Yoga classes berkhamsted
Classes start back Monday 6th January

Sometimes a change in the way you practice yoga can bring about profound change. We all love familiarity it brings a sense of comfort and ease. BUT it's very easy to get stuck in a groove, when we challenge ourselves out of the known it's fearful...yes, but can can also bring about feelings of aliveness as we shake off the habitual. check the timetable


we practice in a circle, sometimes flowing, sometimes working with alignment, using themes of yoga or nature to enquire beneath the superficial layers.


A candlelit slow class to unwind to, targeting the fascia rather than muscle groups. This is a yoga of being not doing as we hold postures for many minutes whilst focussing on sensations and thoughts.


A practice of body awareness and breath, a mid week re-set,  followed by a deep relaxation of vibrational sound.


Small classes (6 max) at my studio in the forest, a beautiful, peaceful setting with lots of individual attention as we navigate through the deeper teachings of yoga. Getting to know yourself, your shadow, your habits...whether they show up in your physical, mental or emotional body.