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Wishing you all a happy, abundant and adventurous 2018.

classes 2018 sorayayoga



For me setting a specific New Years’resolution has never really worked as it either involves a sense of giving something up or forcing myself to do something because I think I should be doing it.  Both infer a sense of something lacking in my life. I much prefer to look at what I would like to have in my life during the coming year and what accumulative steps I could take to make that happen. I form this into a sentence or phrase (Sankalpa) that I keep in the forefront of my mind.This might not only be actual physical things, f

or me, it almost always involves some sort of mental or emotional shift too. This is often the hardest part, I find my fears or stubbornness taking hold that can really put big blocks in the way. This year my key words are authenticity and commitment; to commit to the practices that help me uncover more of myself. This in turn will allow me to teach more from the heart rather than an intellectual place.

What are you visioning for yourself in this coming year?

I am loving the writings of Mark Nepo at the moment, I love the insight, depth and poetry of his work. I  share this from “things that join the sea and the sky”

From the wooden bridge….I keep watching the one stone over which the stream is singing. What did that stone accept or let go of to be given the privilege of settling just below the surface, so the entire stream could pass thinly, unveiling its shimmer and disclosing its song? How did did it know not to rise too far or sink too low? what must we accept or let go of, so that life can reveal it’s song through us? How do we not rise too far or sink too low? How do we stay immersed in the glorious thick of it?