Kirtan in the Forest

Kirtan in the Forest the yoga of sound

Kirtan in the Forest, Berkhamsted joining together through voice

kirtan buckinghamshire

Psychology Today says that Kirtan is the easy meditation that can improve your brain, click on link above to read the full article

kirtan buckinghamshire

What is Kirtan

Kirtan is a practice of repeating simple mantra, usually call and response style, so you don't have to 'remember' the phrases. It helps to calm the incessant chatter of the mind giving space to a deeper connection to your inner self. This can lead to a state of deep inner calm, feeling of joyfulness or a sense of being able to release inner blockages or old emotions. Kirtan, the practice of chanting is a form of meditation that can help root us in the present moment.  Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion that guides us towards  connecting to others with more  open-heartedness and less judgement.

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Curios? come and join us

Kirtan in the Forest meets once a month on a Friday from 7:30pm-9pm. If the weather is warm, we will be outside, otherwise we are in my yoga studio in the forest. You don't need to have a "singing" voice just a willingness to experience. It is fine just to sit and hum if you don't feel confident enough to sing. This practice is more about our connection to our own heart and the hearts of others.

You are very welcome to stay for chai and chat after the session......

Dates for 2021 coming soon....

Watch this space

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I loved last night, I was a bit nervous about coming as it was outside my comfort zone, but I really did enjoy it and felt very free afterwards. I will definitely be coming again

Ooo what fun, I feel liberated!! It was so perfect, I've been smiling all day

You create a lovely welcoming environment, I arrived feeling quite lethargic but left feeling very happy and energised.