Individual Yoga Tuition

Individual Yoga Tuition Berkhamsted

Bespoke individual yoga tuition tailored to your individual needs

private yoga classes


  • My Studio in Ashridge

    60 minute individual class £60

  • Class in your home

    60 mins class £60 + travel if outside Berkhamsted/Tring area

  • Couples / Small Group Class

    60 mins class for either 2 people or up to 4 friends £60

  • Course of individual sessions

    Course of 4 sessions at my studio £200

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Benefits of individual yoga tuition

Because you and your body are unique, attending a generic "one size fits all class" has it's limitations. As a tutor, if the class is large, it is impossible for me to give individual instruction to everyone in each pose. Verbal alignment cues don't work for all people, some people learn more kinesthetically. knowing what cues are meant for you and what are not, is a journey that only makes sense as you begin to know your body. For instance I might be encouraging more extension but because of your nature, you are already putting 100% effort in and to do more causes undue strain. As a beginner in yoga, having a few individual classes will really help you understand the fundamentals before joining a group class.

Our bodies hold our implicit memories; memories like knowing how to ride a bike or how to eat with utensils. Our emotional responses are also recorded as physical responses in our bodies...our bodies literally hold the sore of our lives. By tailoring a practice to your individual body, over time, bad posture can be corrected and many clients find this slowly seeps out into other areas of their lives. Where they begin to notice "bad postural habits" in interactions they might have. The practice of yoga is a vast and unique as we all are.

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What do you want from your practice?

Maybe you wish to understand the fundamentals before starting group class. Or maybe you want to gain more flexibility and strength. Perhaps what you want from your practice is a way of de-stressing or self calming. Possibly you suffer from insomnia and have heard that yoga can help. Maybe you want a different weekly sequence that you can practice at home the rest of the week.

Taking time to think about what you want from your practice can determine what approach of yoga would work best for you. We can work out together, what you want and how best to attain that.

Yoga is more than exercise

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I have personally experienced the therapeutic benefits of yoga for over 30 years, and have got to know many yoga teachers.  However, in my view, one particular teacher (Soraya) stands out from the rest with her special empathic qualities and contribution to an overall body and mind body experience; with a genuine interest, compassion and ability


The classes are very focussed and fun each week.  Soraya teaches in a very relaxed way but always pushes me to stretch myself to my fullest potential, which ensures genuine improvement in my flexibility.  As well as the physical work, the classes combine an element of mind work which compliments the class really well and always leaves me with a calm inner feeling.