Sunday 26th September 10:30am - 4:30pm

Cost £80

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with a one day yoga retreat in beautiful Ashridge Forest, Hertfordshire

The equinox is a time of balance between Northern/Southern Hemisphere' and night of equal length. We will be exploring balance in our lives, do you feel you don't have enough hours in the day? Does the thought of trying to fit in self care routines just create more pressure? Do times of transition; from Summer to Autumn cause anxiety to creep in with time seemingly running away?

I'll let you into a secret...Balance is not a destination, but a constant journey. Living in balance is the journey to an authentic life. When we harvest our experiences through the year into knowledge about ourselves, when we clear the weeds, digging over the earth, chopping back the dead wood in our lives. We can learn how to be more resilient in this fast paced world. Only by creating stillness will our shadows arise sufficiently to be seen.

Together we will explore how balanced we are; physically, mentally and emotionally. By beginning to map this out, you will start to have a better understanding of choices you could make. Gratitude to ourselves and others for the opportunity to experience both light and dark in our lives.

If this speaks you, come and join us for a day of yang & yin yoga (all levels of ability and flexibility welcome),  yoga nidra, walking meditation, journalling, open discussion, soundbath and mantra. Mixture of nurturance and reflection, experiencing as a group and individually. We can sit; eat, laugh and cry together, enjoying an abundance of delicious seasonal home cooked vegan lunch and other treats.


Do you live your life with an endless  to do list that you keep adding to, creating tension?

Do you worry or feel anxious, wake feeling like you've spent all night tossing and turning?

Are you constantly juggling between work, home, money, health, and relationships in a bid to accomplish goals and to succeed on all fronts?

Ultimately, life is not something to chase or push through but to enter and absorb.

Mark Nepo

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What you will takeaway

Understanding what life balance is and how to navigate your life from a place of joy

Easy to implement practices that can help support your mind and body well-being. Sometimes we can be traumatised without even knowing it. This can show up as anxiety, insomnia, lethargy, lack of motivation....or finding it hard to slow down & relax.

The practice of choice based embodied yin yoga has been proven to be very beneficial in bringing us from flight and fight nervous system response (sympathetic) to relaxed, calm state (parasympathetic). In this state we can make informed, well thought out, empowered choices.

Sound Healing; vibrational sound from tibetan bowls, gongs, shamanic drum and other instruments. This healing modality, that just requires you to lie down and relax, literally shakes up our molecules and can have a profound effect. Click here to read more

Yoga Nidra; when the body can relax in such a way, it functions optimally, thus restoring vitality and emotional stability. The combination of deep physical rest, revitalisation and the settling of emotions and thoughts results in improved productivity, heightened intelligence and enhanced creativity. Click here to read more


Allowing yourself to be nurtured...self care

It's easy to become the dependable one, the supportive one, the one that holds everyone else together. What would happen if you allowed yourself to be supported for ONE DAY. Allowed us to nurture you, give to you rather than our many years of offering practices like yoga, yoga nidra and other modalities of healing, we've never had ANYONE not come away feeling nourished.

Being with others to talk & listen

Being in community is soothing to the soul, we are not meant to live or exist in isolation or in a nuclear family setting. Indigenous people around the world know this! Being together, sharing stories, listening with empathy is a healing salve and when this includes delicious home cooked Vegan Food...magic happens!!!


Forest Bathing

Not just from the practices we will be offering, but also a delicious vegan lunch, lovingly prepared by Natalie. We will have herbal teas on offer throughout the day and other yummy offerings.

A chance to experience Forest Bathing and the sense of calm, stillness that can happen as you walk in and amongst the forest landscape

What the day will look like

  • 10:30am   Arrival & Welcoming circle
  • 11am         Embodied Yang/Yin Yoga Practice & Soundbath
  • 1pm           Lunch
  • 2pm          Walking meditation, Discussion & Journalling
  • 3pm          Yoga Nidra
  • 3:30pm     Kirtan & Closing Circle
  • 4:30pm    Finish
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Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra facilitator and vegan cook extraordinaire. Beautiful ball of energy, empathetic...exudes love by the bucket load and gives also gives amazing hugs!

soraya yoga TCTSY


Yoga Facilitator with 15yrs experience of holding space in workshops and retreats in UK & abroad. Her students describe her as; empathetic, strong, compassionate...good at putting people at ease and gives amazing hugs!

autumn equinox 1 day retreat

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