Iron rich parkin cake

Iron rich Parkin cake

By Soraya | November 10, 2017

My Sunday restorative yoga class this month, fell on Bonfire night, so I decided to try and make a healthy, gluten free version of Parkin cake. I discovered a jar of blackstrap molasses lurking in…

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turmeric tea recipe sorayayoga

Turmeric Tea Recipe

By Soraya | October 27, 2017

Turmeric tea is my go to drink throughout the year, ESPECIALLY during Autumn, Winter and early Spring when everyone around you starts coming down with colds. I’ve been drinking it for about 2yrs now and…

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home practice yoga sequence

Home Practice

By Soraya | July 13, 2017

Home Practice Yoga Sequence for the Summer For those of you who haven’t made it to class this week here’s the Yoga Sequence we’ve been doing to see you through the Summer. You can just…

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soraya's raw chocolate cake

Soraya’s Raw Chocolate Cake

By Soraya | June 22, 2017

Soraya’s Raw Chocolate Cake INGREDIENTS The base * 300g toasted whole almonds * pinch of pink Himalayan salt, or any other good-quality salt * 200g medjool dates For the filling * 4 medium sized ripe…

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